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Hi I'm Bennett. I'm a Director and Composer based in Los Angeles, California. I run a full-service creative studio and production company called Test Pattern Media, which is a gang of insanely talented artists and technicians. My award-winning film work has been featured in festivals all over the world. My interactive installations have exhibited at venues such as The Hammer Museum, Sunnylands / Annenberg Estate, The Sonos Gallery, and The Granoff Center For Creative Arts.


I graduated with honors from Brown University in 2004, with interdisciplinary majors in Architecture, Creative Writing, Film Theory & Production, and Music Composition. Professionally, I’ve made films and commercials for a variety of markets, including luxury automobile companies, technology brands, fashion labels, and pet foods. I really enjoy working in different genres and markets, and on scales from tiny to huge.  Check out the work itself in the PROJECTS and MUSIC pages. Or get in touch with me or my reps HERE.


I’ll leave you with two fun facts: I am obsessed with crustaceans, and when I was 9 years-old, Marlon Brando threatened to dismember me with explosives. The FBI intervened. True story.

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